Other Bombs
Note: The above Bombs are NOT included in the GodfatherBomb package.

Bombs Included in the GodfatherBomb Package:
1. GodfatherBomb

2. NewzBomb (Experimental and secret, not supported and use at your own risk)
3. BlogBomb
-Plus Free Installation of the GodfatherBomb, BlogBomb and NewzBomb scripts above.

Fully Functional Demo
Please note: Not all archives below have working lists. For a demo of the email newsletter, subscribe to the "Camping" list.
Adventure Travel
Pet Supplies
Sail Boats
Whitewater Rafting


Only $249 - FREE Installation!

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Heaps of FREE Content for YOU to Use:
feeds.com Here's a site crammed full of content available for you to use for free.

Check it out and see just how much stuff there is for you to use to create your own Fully Automated Internet Publishing Empire.

Please Note: Not all content is available. You will need to check each source's TOS and/or license.

GodfatherBomb Sample Admin Pages: Note these are NON-working pages, for demo only:
- General Stats
Mailing Lists
List Preview and available tags
Custom Messages - (allows you to mail one or all lists RIGHT NOW).

-Creates Content for Tons of Search Engine Friendly Webpages.
that constantly update with fresh, insightful content...Automatically.

-Writes, publishes and sends fully automated email newsletters.

Auto-Archive Feature.
Builds even more search engine friendly pages for you.

Each and every scheduled message you send is archived into a search engine friendly webpage,  potentially bringing you tons more traffic and subscribers.

Multiple Lists - Manage and create many a wide variety of lists.
This is a great opportunity to check out and test different niches and topics.
Be Protected - Captures and Stores IP address, plus other Subscriber Info.
Whenever someone subscribes to your newsletter, GodfatherBomb records their unique IP address, so you have proof they subscribed to your list. This helps defend yourself against spam accusations.
Removes Bounced Email Automatically.
If email messages aren't getting through, GodfatherBomb will automatically remove the offending email address. You can even control how many "bounces" to allow before GodfatherBomb "takes care of 'em".
Double Opt-In.
Another layer of protection against spam accusations. Confirmation email sent to subscribers' email addresses, with link to confirm.
Subscriber Conveniences.
Your GodfatherBomb gives your subscribers their own control center. Members of your lists can subscribe/unsubscribe to any or all of your list with a click of a button. They can even delete their entire account from an easy to use web interface.
Collects Valuable Subscriber Info.
Options for First Name, Last Name, Country, State, City, Address, Zip, Phone, Company, Website. You choose!

Choose Required or Optional for Subscriber Input.
If you choose "Required", no one will be able to subscribe to your list without the needed information.
Sends Personalized Messages.
Greet each of your subscribers "personally", using the info they gave when signing-up for your lists.
Automatically Generates HTML Code for Subscribe Boxes for All Your Lists.
Just paste the generated code into any web page.

Only $249 - FREE Installation!

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Import/export email addresses in delimited format.
You can even import your existing lists into GodfatherBomb and use it's syndicated content to help supplement your existing articles and content.
HTML and Text Versions of email messages. Your subscribers can choose which version of your newsletter they wish to receive.
Tracks "Open Rate".
Very Cool! Know how many people actually opened your newsletter (works with html versions only).

Displays your statistics for all your lists, a list summary, or list details, and even calculates your "Bounced Email" rate.
Ability to send a Custom Messages NOW.
You have the power to send Custom Messages to one, all, or any of your lists, at any time you wish.

If one of your subscribers is on more than one list, he or she only gets one message, regardless of how many of your lists they are subscribed to, a terrific convenience for your readers.

Each List Has It's Own Automatic Schedule.
(daily, weekly, monthly) - Requires Cron.
Each list/message can have multiple RSS feeds, integrated with BlogBomb/feedsearch.
ZineBomb will Create Archive of sent email converted to html page, one archive/directory per list-
Automated Site Map Creator.
An index page is created, and each time a message is sent, it is converted to a "web page" in specified directory and link added to index page.
Enjoy Full Control Over Layout.
Completely Template Based system allows you to control the look and layout of: 1. Text Version Email. 2. HTML Version Email. 3. Archive Pages HTML.

Only $249 - FREE Installation!

Official PayPal Seal

Preview All Three Templates.
You can see how all three of your templates will look BEFORE sending your newsletters to your lists.

Import/Export. You can import an existing email list into GodfatherBomb, or even export your list. If you're tired of writing an entire newsletter, why not let GodfatherBomb supplement your articles with  relevant and up-to-the-minute news and headlines?

- Unix server (Linux/FreeBSD/Solaris etc)
- Perl 5
- MySQL database dedicated to GodfatherBomb.

Perl modules:
-DBI and DBD::mysql
-Net::SMTP and Net:OP3 (both from the 'libnet' package),
-LWP::UserAgent (from the -'libwww' package).
- XML::Parser

Skill Level: Not for Newbies. Basic Webmaster skills are needed, such as the ability to work with basic html code, FTP, etc.

- RSS feeds are not "public domain. You may not be able to use every feed you find. You need to check the TOS and/or license for each feed.

-It is up to you to understand copyright laws. I am not a lawyer and can not give legal advice regarding copyrights. If in doubt, don't use a particular feed.

-Large email lists can be very server intensive. Don't expect your low budget host to be happy if you are sending thousands of email messages every day. This is true of GodfatherBomb, as well as all other mailing scripts. Email counts as bandwidth and it uses other server resources, as well.

-GodfatherBomb is NOT a "magic trick". It will take time to set up your first newsletter. Plan on a full 6-10 hours to get your first archive and newsletter ready to go.



Exploit the power of GodfatherBomb to create your own "Auto Pilot" Internet publishing empire!

GodfatherBomb not only combines the most powerful strategies for Internet Marketing, such as follow-up email, search engines and linking, it will even "write" your content for you.

How much time do you plan on spending over the next year writing webpages, newsletters, doing search engine marketing, collecting email addresses for your newsletters?

There's a better way: GodfatherBomb makes you a content publisher, giving you the power to create websites and newsletters using freely available syndicated content.

Using readily available, syndicated content, GodfatherBomb will:

Create High Quality REAL Content Pages that Automatically update with news, headlines and blog articles.

Use this content to write, publish and send a fully automated email newsletter, without having to write a single word.

Generate a vast webpage archive, using your newsletters as content, to create even more search engine traffic generating pages.

Automatically create a link page, or site map, that you can add to any, or all, of your pages.

And GodfatherBomb does all of this for you, plus so much more...

Off-line media moguls have been using syndicated content for decades. Newspapers use news syndication services such as UPI, AP, and Reuters to supplement their content, and provide the with news and current events headlines.

GodfatherBomb uses the same potent principles for you to create your very own "electronic information outlet" using syndicated online resources.

Off-line media has to pay big dollars to buy their syndicated content.

But, do you know that online, RIGHT NOW, there's literally hundreds of thousands of syndicated "feeds" available for you to use for free?

Or, that these hundreds of thousands of syndicated feeds can be mixed into millions and millions of unique and interesting combinations, providing valuable and interesting content for your online publications?

Note: Some feeds have licenses and/or Terms of Service agreements. Please respect the author's wishes. If you feel a license is too restrictive, simply do a little more research, there's plenty of resources available for tons of subjects.

There's huge search engines crammed full of syndicated "feeds" and you can search for them by keyword.

And they'll even create the feed "URLs" for you! Just pop these URLs into GodFatherBomb and it'll use them to create your newsletters and webpages.

It's simple and effective: Using the GodfatherBomb tools and your choices from a multitude of combinations of syndicated feeds, GodfatherBomb:
Builds webpages using content rich, search engine friendly webpages. These are not crapola "smart" pages, with tricky redirects and "content" that resembles ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

These pages act as search engine bait to attract people to your site and to sign up for your ezine or newsletter, add your ezine.

GodfatherBomb uses the same feeds for your webpages (they update with fresh content automatically) to create the content for your ezines and newsletters.

After your ezines and newsletters are created using your chosen syndicated feeds, GodfatherBomb then follows-up with your subscribers by automatically sending out your publication.

You can add your own links, affiliate programs, products and services to each email sent and each webpage created, for a multitude of revenue streams, (although each affiliate program will have its own Terms of Service).

After each newsletter is sent, GodfatherBomb then converts your newsletter from an email to a webpage, and saves your latest newsletter in an archive. In time, your archive can grow into a huge resource of topical and useful information, such as this Camping archive.

Your archived webpages provide even more search engine content, to drive even more people to your pages, so even more people sign up for your newsletter and see your webpages, so even more people buy from you!

GodfatherBomb then adds a link to the newly archived page to a site map, that you can add to any page you want. This auto-linking system fully enhances your pages' ability to be found and included in the search engines.

And it's all done automatically, with the peace of mind of "set it and forget it".

You simply insert what "feeds" (syndication resources) you want to include, and GodfatherBomb will use them to create up-to-date newsletters you can send to your list, as well as content for the search engines to index.

Please remember, your content updates constantly. This is the key to this system. And it is this fact that you will be using feeds that update that allow GodfatherBomb to make new webpages and newsletters without you having to update a thing.

By inserting a feed (or two or three or more), you can create newsletters about tons of topics.
GodfatherBomb will read the feeds you input on a schedule you set, then use the content from these feeds as the content for your newsletter.

For example, on the demo site Lizardz.com, you'll find a newsletter called "Lizardz Camping Digest".

This link will take you to the "main camping page".

The first thing to notice is the "camping" links in the left column.

Each of these pages are created using GodfatherBomb.
GodfatherBomb uses feeds to create the "camping" , then uses the feeds to create content for the "Lizardz Camping Digest" newsletter, that's sent by email.
Both the webpages and the newsletter contain news articles and blog posts found on the web about the topics of "camping and backpacking".
Once a day, every day, GodfatherBomb takes the newest articles and headlines and puts them in the "Lizardz Camping Digest" and sends them by email, then creates a brand-new webpage.

Just look at all those "Camping" links, each page filled to the brim with unique content.

To see how GodfatherBomb can create many lists and archives, scroll to the bottom of any page on www.lizardz.com, and click any of these links:

Adventure Travel : Biking : Camping : Fishing : Kayaks : Pet Supplies : Sail Boats : Scuba : Skiing : Whitewater Rafting

Everyday, like clock-work, GodfatherBomb builds new pages, creates and sends an ezine and even cross-links all your archived webpages.,  .
Of course, you can have GodfatherBomb create a daily, weekly or monthly newsletter. It's all up to you.
Note that not all subjects are as "newsworthy" as others, and may not update frequently enough to support daily newsletters. It all depends on your topics.

Quality is the key. GodfatherBomb creates pages you'll be proud to show your mother. And in my opinion, this is the best test for "spam pages".

If you create a GodfatherBomb site about something you are interested in, you'll find yourself visiting your own pages often, simply because you find them interesting and full of new content.

As a matter of fact, most users find the research fun and interesting. Many find reading about their hobbies and interests more enjoyable than writing about these same subjects.

And researching your feeds is simply reading news and current events about your favorite, and most profitable subjects.
Again, these are  NOT "borrowed" search engine links, GodfatherBomb uses NEWS and RSS articles. This is timely stuff.

And it is this very fact, that your GodfatherBomb pages update that allow it to use new and fresh content for your pages, newsletters and archives.

One of the drawbacks of starting an ezine is that when you first begin, you are writing to "nobody", since you haven't had time to collect subscribers. There's nothing worse than having to write an entire newsletter when no one is reading it.

And, you have to keep writing it, and writing it, and writing it, until you "hopefully" build a sizable list.

Why not use GodfatherBomb to write your newsletter for you? Once you've built a subscriber base, then you can start adding your own original articles and use GodfatherBomb to supplement your writings.

How much time are you going to budget to write your newsletter over the course of the next year?

3 hours a week?

5 hours a week?


Let's say you plan on spending 3 hours a week writing a complete newsletter. That's 1095 hours in the next year you will be spending writing a newsletter.

Sure, GodfatherBomb takes some time to set up and get loaded full of feeds, but in a day's work, you can save 1,000's of hours of your time, or more.

The first one is the most difficult. After a little practice, I can create a new GodfatherBomb archive and newsletter in less than 40 minutes.

And this is a daily newsletter. In the next year, GodfatherBomb will publish and send 365 newsletters, one every single day, and I'll spend a total of 40 minutes creating this newsletter.

Use your free time to actually do some promotion, or spend some time with your family.

So, instead of spending 1100 hours of your time writing a single newsletter, you can spend about an hour setting up another automatic GodfatherBomb newsletter.

And don't forget, you also need to get subscribers. How much MORE time are you going to spend doing search engine marketing, or creating high quality webpages so you can proudly exchange links with other webmasters?

Instead of spending thousands of hours of your life over the next year writing webpages and newsletters, why not let GodfatherBomb do all the work, and spend your time promoting, or even better, just relaxing?

One of the best ways to increase your readership is to simply have more lists about more topics.

For example, if you have a list about "weight loss", instead of writing an entire "weight loss" newsletter, why not use GodfatherBomb and publish an entirely new newsletter and web archive about "health and fitness"?

A high percentage of those that subscribe to your "weight loss" list are probably interested in your "health and fitness" list.

You could also track news, then create more lists and archives about diabetes and heart disease. And in each case, your "other lists" will probably appeal to a good number of each list's subscribers.

This simple strategy can greatly multiply your "real subscribers". If you have multiple newsletters about similar, but different subjects you can often reach your subscribers 2-3 times per week, instead of once a week, by simply giving them more choices. Everybody wins!

And remember, if a subscriber doesn't buy "Jenny Craig", maybe they'll buy "Sara Lee".

GodfatherBomb makes it easy for your subscribers to add and remove newsletters they want to receive from a simple, but powerful web interface.

They just log in, and click a button or two, and they can pick and choose from a bunch of your newsletters.

This is how you create your own "Auto Pilot" Internet publishing empire!

All other publishing software requires that you spend time writing.

With the time and trouble GodfatherBomb saves you, you can create list after list, archive after archive.

Why settle for a single niche, when you can have 'em all?

If you think you can get 500 people to sign up for your newsletter, why can't you get 5,000 people to sign up for ten of your newsletters? Or even 20?

GodfatherBomb gives you the time and power to create a vast syndicate of themed newsletters and webpage archives.


GodfatherBomb creates tons of search engine friendly pages to help drive free and targeted traffic to your sites.

Publishes, writes and sends email newsletters.

Utilizes an fully-integrated cross-linking system to maximize the indexing potential of your archived pages..

Increases your efficiency by following-up with your search engine traffic.

Enables you to form your own syndicates.

Can save you thousands and thousands of hours.

Use GodfatherBomb to send your Blog post to your readers.

Chose from a huge supply of quality resources to generate high quality and topical newsletters and webpages.

Automatically have unique and FRESH content.

Creates multiple newsletters and archives, for maximum and explosive potential.

GodfatherBomb - The First of its Kind page creation and newletter writing machine.

Free BlogBomb- A $97 value! BlogBomb stores and delivers your content to GodfatherBomb, as well as webpages, and allows you to add RSS feeds to your email.

Free "experimental NewzBomb" scripts- These scripts are totally experimental and not supported. However, if you chose to use these secret scripts, they can be very powerful.

Free installation - We'll get everything installed and tested. This is a basic, but thorough installation of GodfatherBomb, BlogBomb and the Secret NewzBomb scripts. It will be up to you to design your pages, as well as find feeds for your content.

Tons of tips, tricks and cool ideas to get the most out of your GodfatherBomb.

The sooner you get your own GodfatherBomb, the sooner you'll start your very own multi-media publishing empire.

Only $249 - FREE Installation!

Official PayPal Seal

Want more info? Please visit the NEW GodfatherBomb Forum.